Our firm provides consulting services for RV Resorts and Parks throughout North America. We help design and build  private, government, and tribal facilities. We do not charge for the initial “get acquainted” time. We gladly look at your potential or current site via Google Earth, your pictures, and or your plat map, to see if we can help in any way, at no charge.  

We will make a proposal to you and if you accept the terms of the proposal, we will enter into contract. If the terms and conditions are not acceptable, there is no charge. Our objective is to have a win-win project for both of us and we will advise if we think the project is beneficial.

Rich has designed and consulted for properties with 16 sites to 4800 sites all across the 50 states, plus Canadian Provinces, & Mexico.

If you need help setting up an RV Park/Resort, site plan, feasibility study, business plan, sources of financing – you have come to the right place. With 25 years experience in the RV property market our consulting services will provide a solid foundation for building your RV park or resort business.

  • Selecting the correct property, permitting, business plans
  • Park layouts encompassing the rig width requirements delivered in  auto-cad and PDF files ready for permitting and financing.
  • Economic Impact Statement 
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Market Analysis
  • Business Plan
  • Developing “Pet Friendly” areas with facilities
  • Operations, Team building, and ongoing property management
  • Customer relations, marketing, advertising concepts
  • Change your park to sell sites as a Condominium park
  • Financing through lenders with RV Resort and Park lending experience
  • Retro-fitting feasibility of existing parks
  • May be able to connect you to people who could joint venture with you.
  • Expert Witness for legal disputes and assisting Trustees
  • Man Camps need to be planned as first class resorts for ongoing business.
  • RV Storage facilities

Through “hands on” permitting, developing and running the day to day operation of a First Class RV Resort for over ten years, and continuing research in assisting many other parks, Rich Stockwell and his team have a vast resource of knowledge and experience that can help you build or retro an existing Park or Resort.

In 1993-1994 Rich & Barbara built what still is considered a “state of the art” RV Resort. Washington State Agencies recommended the park they developed, as a “model” to people wishing to build an RV Resort. Some aspects were the long pull-thru sites and uni-sex restroom facilities. They had the first RV facility to offer WI-FI at “no charge” to guests. They managed on a daily basis until 2003 when they sold and continued expanding their consulting business by helping many to build “state of the art facilities”.

Rich and Barbara continue to enjoy their clients and their projects. It’s a joy to travel seeing all the projects that meet and exceed RVer’s desires. The need for exciting RV friendly parks/resorts is increasing with 11,000 baby boomers coming of age every day.

“We don’t see problems – we see solutions”