Pet Friendly Facilities

Over the past decade, dog-friendly travel has soared in popularity with over 65.1 million dogs traveling with their best friends this year. This billion-dollar destination driver is as important, possibly even more important to the RV Park and campground industry. It is very important to plan the layout and support areas with services to support a dog-friendly facility.

U.S. Labor Department, 2013:

  • Americans spent over $61 billion on their pets
  • The average household spends more on pets than alcohol or men’s clothes
  • Spending per household for pets increased during the recession

American Veterinary Association 2012:

  • There are approximately 70 million dogs in U.S. households
  • This projects out to nearly 9 million dogs in California

U.S. Travel 2013 reports that nearly 7 million frequent dog-travelers. State of the American Traveler 2013/2014:

  • 47% of all American leisure travelers have dogs
  • 40% of those travel with their dogs
  • 18% of all American leisure travelers travel with their dogs