RV Park Consulting will develop a site plan delivered in autocad and pdf. We will also review and make suggestions to your existing site plan. Fees vary with each task, amount of information supplied by the developer, quality of survey, acreage and terrain involved. Or, RV Park Consulting will prepare a conceptual layout of the park for you. The modern day RV Resort needs certain amenities to be successful with the many types of contemporary rigs.

RV Condos

We have experience in organizing sales and marketing including providing a draft set of CC&Rs specific for the RV industry.. >Learn More<

Permitting Assistance

RV Park Consulting will assist you in preparing a document which demonstrates the viability of your proposed RV Park for review by the Planning Commissions or local municipality. Our team can also assist you or represent you in negotiation for impact fee adjustments and permits. Do not pay full price for road, water, and sewer impact fees. As non-attorneys we do not create an adversarial relationship with Planning Commissions or local municipality personnel.


We work with many lending institutions and investors that have experience with RV parks & Resorts. Depending upon the size of your project, we can help introduce you to your funding source. Many clients count on their local banks to finance their RV Park. Very, very few fund as they have limited to no experience lending on RV parks.

Joint Venture Opportunities

Rich is aware of park owners, property owners, as well as investors that could join together on projects. Check with him if you’re investigating any of these possibilities.


RV Park Consulting offers a site visit to an existing or potential RV Park to assist owners wishing assistance in improving their park with ideas about marketing, site usability for contemporary, personnel, employee selections, etc.  Inspections as to the viability of the layout and uses of the park are also available.

RV Park Expansion

Many parks are adding sites as well as “camper cabins”. RV Park Consulting can advise in design and economics of these growth opportunities. RV Park Consulting can review your draft Business Plan, assist you, or prepare a Business plan to submit for financing or permitting.

Buying and Selling

RV Park Consulting will assist you in evaluating a potential park to purchase, assessing raw property, or in selling your RV park.
Whatever you do, have the park evaluated from the viability of a successful location, to all the services in good working order. and suggestions on how to improve parks viability.

RV Park Rehabilitation

Many older parks are available for sale. In some cases they cannot be rehabilitated in a cost effective manner to be feasible. RV Park Consulting will inspect the proposed park, or site plan of an existing park to help establish pricing for needed upgrades and give a written report after site inspection. Some parks are not economically feasible to retrofit and RV Park Consulting will advise if such is the case. Why should you invest your money in a non-effective manner?

Architects & Engineering

Our experiences have put us in touch with outstanding architectural firm and engineering firm. We can put together a team to complete your project. We can also work with your engineers hand in hand. Should you need an experienced engineer we have some who understand RV facilities needs and can assist in final engineering and construction management to make your project a reality. Our engineer has worked in quite a few states with expertise in all the needs for municipalities as well as the in the ground needs for an RV Resort.


Our team has been involved in regional marketing as well as international marketing.